Thursday, 20 February 2014

Bulgarian students make "Martenitzas" for their project partners

Dear Friends, Through this video you are witnessing a unique Bulgarian tradition of making the "Martenitza". The legend of this beautiful double string bracelet dates back in old times as a pagan tradition that remains almost unchanged today. The common belief is that by wearing the red and white colours of the martenitsa people ask Baba Marta/ Grandma Marta- from March/ for mercy. They hope that it will make winter pass faster and bring spring. The martenitsa is also a stylized symbol of Mother Nature. At that early-spring/late-winter time of the year, Nature seems full of hopes and expectations. The white symbolizes the purity of the melting white snow and the red symbolizes the setting of the sun which becomes more and more intense as spring progresses. These two natural resources are the source of life. Our students from the arts class were enthusiastic and happy to make martenitzas for you, friends! Have a very warm, sunny and happy March month and greet the spring!

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