Sunday, 22 December 2013




Friday, 20 December 2013

Comenius Christmas Card

Hello friends, today we start our christmas holidays. We will be back on 7th of January. This days we are going to stay and enjoy with our families, celebrating a New Year and finally enjoying with our christmas presents. So,  this morning our students of fifth and sixth grade have made a wonderful Christmas card in the languages of our comenius friends. They investigated how to write and say Merry Christmas in French, Turkish, Bulgarian and Italian languages, and of course, they studied the main differences all of our ways to celebrate Christmas.We hope you like that and of course we wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Ready for the Italy meeting

Today we have just selected the students for our Comenius meeting in Italy the next May. They are nine children and they have been choosen after to pass a special test in chich they did a written work about Italy and present it orall, of course in English. In this photo they appear with The Three Wise Men who give presents to children every Christmas on 5th of January, although they visited our school today before our Christmas holidays. We are sure that the visit to Italy has been a great present for them in this Christmas. 

Friday, 13 December 2013

Comenıus Corner and Poster of Turkey

        We designed a promotional poster and hanged it to the outer wall of our school in order to make our pupils,their parents and all other people in city aware of our project and oupartners. There is a symbol of pigeon on it with the flags of our partners and EuropeanUnion. Everybody liked it a lot,so do we. What about you? Do you like it, friends?

Also this week we started to prepare a new “Comenius Corner” in our school. We designed a Europe Map showing our partners on it with their flags. There are five stars on it,each one giving information about the capital city, language, surface area and population of our partners. We'll add important historical characters, tourist attractions, traditional clothes, info about partner schools and photos of mobilities around it. Now we can only show you the corner but in a short time, we’ll complete and share it with you, friends. We want to know about your comment and suggestions. Hope you like it!!


Dissemination Meeting in Our School.

Juan José Flores Paredes's Slidely by Slidely Slideshow

We organised a meeting in our school to introduce our project to the townpeople, students’ parents and the members of protocol on the 8th of October at lunch break. Our headmaster Abdullah Gündoğdu informed our guests about our aims, gains, activities, mobilities and also our partner schools. He indicated that people are the enemy of what they do not know. Obscurity is dreadful and unfriendly. The cure of this disease is to recognize the people, know each other, share something, live together and be respectful. Thanks to this project, children are happy and have a positive attitude to the life and have a big smile on their faces. The pupils, persons who listen to and understand each other, develop their ability of problem solving. The project improves the children development and their psychology, the sense of respect one another’s ideas and thoughts and loving, caring of everything. We aim to cooperate, unite and respect to differences without making judgment religion, language, and race. As the coordinator school our project aims to provide peace, unity and harmony first in our classes then at home and between nations of course. We aim to prevent violence, make a more peaceful and liveable world. So that we can break down our prejudices and respect and love everybody, every culture. All participants were happy and congratulate us :)) After the meeting we served “Pilav and Ayran” to our guests.

We're on Snow Holiday

Hello dear friends and students.How are you?In our city schools have been on holiday for three days. On Tuesday night it started snowing and still everywhere is white. The teachers and the students are at home but headmasters are at school ;) Here are some pictures of our school and the city, Beşikdüzü. I hope you like them. See you, bye.

We're more informed so far.

Our hadmaster Abdullah GÜNDOĞDU and project coordinator Gülden KARABAYIR joined a meeting held by the National Agency in İstanbul Haliç Congress Center on the 10th of October. In the meeting there were some ministers such as National. Education, EuropeaUnion, directors, inspectors, governors and also approved project owners.They informed us about holding the project ,budget and dissemination activities.

21st September World Peace Day

In our school we celebrated "21st September World Peace Day" with some activities such as reading articles,poems,singing songs or drawing pictures.
Our pupils enjoyed a lot while performing their duties.

Here are some photos. By the way we celebrate your "Peace Day".

Love from Turkey :)

Sunday, 8 December 2013

You're coming to Palermo?

Last week we created the rules to meet the students who want to travel to Italy next May. Here you can see on the notice board of Comenius. The next week our students must make a series of tests. Students will get better points will go to Palermo.