Friday, 13 December 2013

Comenıus Corner and Poster of Turkey

        We designed a promotional poster and hanged it to the outer wall of our school in order to make our pupils,their parents and all other people in city aware of our project and oupartners. There is a symbol of pigeon on it with the flags of our partners and EuropeanUnion. Everybody liked it a lot,so do we. What about you? Do you like it, friends?

Also this week we started to prepare a new “Comenius Corner” in our school. We designed a Europe Map showing our partners on it with their flags. There are five stars on it,each one giving information about the capital city, language, surface area and population of our partners. We'll add important historical characters, tourist attractions, traditional clothes, info about partner schools and photos of mobilities around it. Now we can only show you the corner but in a short time, we’ll complete and share it with you, friends. We want to know about your comment and suggestions. Hope you like it!!


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