Wednesday 15 April 2015


This is the way we finish our Comenius Project, a video in which our school says our main peace phrase "Peace at home, Peace in the World" and  two of our girls dancing our traditional "Sevillanas" dances. We hope we can share this videos in our last meeting in Turkey and we have a great time together.

Sunday 5 April 2015

Traditional dances from Spain called "Sevillanas"

Here you can enjoy with our students dancing the traditional dances in Andalucia, our region. Our girls are wearing traditional costumes to this dances. We wish to enjoy watching these videos in our last meeting in Turkey. We hope you enjoy a lot. Kisses and hugs from Valverde!


Thursday 8 January 2015


            Nowadays we have unusually cold weather in Turkey.There is very cold,rainy and snowy weather coming over the Balkans and Black Sea.In most of the cities the temperature is under zero,roads are closed and the schools are on holiday till Monday. There is rain,wind and snow even at the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts where the weather is usually warm and sunny. Our district Beşikdüzü  is experiencing the coldest days of recent years,too. There is about 70cm snow even in the coastline . These days our students are enjoying the snow and the holiday. Because of the hard weather conditions county residents are more sensitive to stray homeless animals.Here are some photos of our school and city.

Monday 5 January 2015


Dear friends,hello. Greetings from Turkey.
We all wish you a happy,healthy and wealthy New Year.
May this year a step forward in leading you to new adventures to join, new roads to explore, new success to reach and new countries to visit J
Our great friendship started in 2013,greatened in 2014 and we believe it will continue  forever. Before our profect may be  students didn’t know the location of the partner countries on the map.Fortunately now they are all aware of it as well as our cities, schools, cultures, customs, traditional food,music and dances.Also we  notice that we are all the same with our only little cultural differences. We all look at the same sky,stars, get warm under the same sun and desire the same things; Love,Respect,Tolerance and of course PEACE …
            Our students prepared New Year postcards for you.They drew and painted each of them with warm wishes and sincerity.We hope you will  like them J

            With our best regards;
            HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!